Welcome to the Cereal Diet!

an imageCan a simple diet plan which replaces meals with a bowl of cereal really help you lose weight?

So, you've heard about the cereal diet and you want to learn more about this plan.

You may have seen it advertised in commercials. There have been many versions floating around on websites and in emails. It's popular because almost everyone loves cereal and it's a great way to implement portion control without feeling deprived.

It's extremely easy to follow. The cereal diet is about replacing a meal or snack with a bowl of cereal. It works well because it's simple, affordable and structured without being difficult.

A serving of cereal is usually low in calories and filling. A box of cereal normally contains more than 10 servings per box, making it relatively inexpensive. This diet will be easy on your wallet and that makes it even more appealing.

If you're concerned about nutrition when replacing meals with cereal, don't be. This is not about eating cereal at every meal. We're going to cover a well balanced, less extreme and highly effective version of the diet.

Ready? Let's get to the cereal diet plan.

  • Easy to follow - structure ensures success
  • Economical - provides more than 10 servings per box
  • Delicious! Who doesn't love cereal?
The key to losing weight is being able to reduce caloric intake without feeling deprived. This plan is designed around that concept and it works.